Monday, January 09, 2006

NYE dinner!!!

Happy New Year! Hope we get many chances to experience and discover wonderful new tastes this year!!

I love cooking with my hands (hate using utensils), but a note for next time - utensils are GOOD when you're cooking before a big night out. I marinated the chicken in curry powder, and my fingers + nails were BRIGHT yellow! Good thing the club was so dark!!

Spent 3 hours in the kitchen with J, experiementing with different foods - I had so much fun! We started with 'Asia' in mind, and went from there. With only one failure and FAR too much food, I'd say that the night was definitely a success!! Here's what we had:

  • Chicken satay + peanut sauce
  • Mashed purple sweet potato + yogurt
  • Roast yellow + orange sweet potato
  • 2 types of lamb chops
  • Ginger sesame gailan (chinese vegie) + tofu
  • [Failed] Chapatis

As always, we cut out all oils, butters and fats - which tends to make for interesting textures! The peanut sauce was a tad dry, but had a good taste. Does anyone have a good recipe for peanut satay sauce? The chicken marinde was excellent, as was the rest of the food : ) Even though I was far too excited to eat anything!

Chicken Satay Marinade
Curry powder
Lemon juice
Garlic, Oil (optional, in my view)

Play around with quantities, depending on taste and how much chicken you've got. Leave to marinade for at least an hour.